As part of the Illinois and Wisconsin business communities, we recognize the profound damage COVID-19 has caused for the health and livelihood of those who live and work in this region. Our firm has greatly treasured the commitment of doctors, nurses, medical assistants, and police and fire personnel during the pandemic.

To show our appreciation, we are offering simple wills and powers of attorney free of charge to the first 100 first responders in Illinois or Wisconsin who contact us regarding this offer.

If a first responder has a more complicated estate planning situation, we will provide a credit for the value of the will against the cost of the total estate plan. We hope to extend this offer beyond the initial 100 applicants and will prepare a waiting list for others.

These services will be rendered entirely via video or phone calls and electronic means in compliance with shelter-at-home rules and social distancing.

If you are a first responder interested in this offer, please contact Natasha Erase at (312) 784-1220. Please feel free to share this email with your network.