Orders of Protection

In the midst of a divorce, a spouse may know how to “push the buttons” of the other spouse such that he or she becomes physically violent. A spouse may create allegations of abuse out of thin air. Other times, spouses have been subject to physical and mental abuse for many years without reporting the misconduct. False allegations of spousal abuse can ruin a person’s reputation. If an arrest is made, it may appear in the local media. Mug shots may be obtained and published. Rumors may circulate out of control. For high profile persons, there can be no greater harm to personal stature and business opportunity than false allegations of this kind. We are experienced at defending criminal cases brought by a vengeful spouse.

Many spouses have legitimate claims of spousal abuse. Orders of protection restricting a spouse from having contact or being in the vicinity of others often provide a solution to these problems. Additional criminal changes may also provide protection. In such cases, custody and visitation must also be addressed. The protection of the children and the innocent spouse is paramount. When a parent jeopardizes the safety of children or others, courts will consider issuing orders of protection to protect the children from any contact with the dangerous parent. In some less severe circumstances, courts can require visitation to be supervised by a person trusted by the court.