Child Expenses

College Expenses
In America, education is the clearest path to success. Parents have an obligation to contribute to a child’s education. In many marriages, disagreements regarding colleges and post-secondary education can be used as a tool by one spouse against another. We have experienced situations in which one parent seeks to send a child to an Ivy League School while the other parent favors a community college. We are experienced in attempting to facilitate resolutions of college disputes and in presenting these disputes to judges when there is no agreement.

Adult Children
Increasingly parents support adult children in transition, who are unable to obtain work or are pursuing internships that will position them better for the future. Although parents do not have a legal obligation to provide support for such children, we can assist in including such support in a marital settlement agreement. We can also establish trusts to provide such support.

Special Needs Children
Special needs children require special treatment and support. Planning for such children requires fashioning of solutions to the particular disability. Special needs trusts can be established for such children and allow special needs children to take advantage of public programs. Planning special needs trusts may have significant impact on parents’ child support obligations.