Child Custody & Visitation

Children comprise the biggest issue in cases involving parents. While a judge’s responsibility is to make rulings in the best interest of the children, the parents often disagree regarding what is in the best interest of their children. We attempt to facilitate mutually agreeable custody and visitation agreement. If between the spouses, such an agreement cannot be reached, we will fight for the appropriate custody and visitation arrangements for our client.

In court, the judge will ultimately decide custody and visitation issues, but before a judge makes a decision, the judge may appoint a guardian ad litem or a child’s representative for the purpose of representing the interests of the child and advocating for the child in court. If the guardian at litem’s or child’s representative’s recommendation is inconsistent with our client’s best interests, we will seek to have a psychologist or psychiatrist conduct an evaluation and make a recommendation regarding custody and visitation. We work with only the finest professionals for these evaluations.

We are particularly attuned to child issues. Partner Lynn Weisberg is frequently appointed as a child representative by judges. She has specialized training for this position. Our lawyers have expertise in child issues.

In our increasingly mobile society, parents often travel extensively or are required to move for job purposes. Their needs complicate custody and visitation issues. We are knowledgeable in the law in these areas and skilled at protecting our clients’ interests when such issues exist. Child custody is further complicated when parents reside in different countries. We have extensive experience with such situations and know the law well.