Employment Contract Disputes

We represent clients in labor and employment matters in federal and state court, at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Department of Labor, the Department of Employment Security, and state and federal court. Our employment practice is diverse. We handle cases involving civil rights, retaliation and discrimination based on age, race, sexual harassment. This breadth of practice allows us to bring extensive knowledge to your specific legal matter. Our practice is as diverse as our clients, who consist of employers, employees, corporations, limited liability companies, individuals, municipalities, independent contracts, and partnerships. Our wide range of experience and perspectives enables us to analyze our clients’ issues from multiple vantage points. One of our lawyers, Tom Gardiner, has lectured prominent business people and lawyers regarding structured layoff practices and restrictive covenant and non-compete agreements. Employment contracts protect executives and others when a company seeks to change direction or when an employee discovers that a new position or opportunity is not as promised. For executives, severance payments provisions or options provide protection in the event of termination. In the case of executives and salespersons, negotiation and litigation involving non-competition provisions, restrictive covenants and confidentiality agreements is crucial.

In addition, Medical and other fringe benefits may be important so that the executive or employee has continued care even if employment is terminated. Negotiations regarding stock options, employee benefit plans, 401(k)’s, bonus arrangements, executive authority, travel obligations, entertainment budgets, car allowances, tax implications, frequent flier mile attribution, life insurances and many idiosyncratic benefits are important parts of employment agreements.